Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Fishing

Jacob thought he was a big dog a few weeks back at Lake Sam Rayburn. He had a blast fishing with his rocket fishing rod. I think Dad had just as much fun casting the thing out there for the boys to catch a fish on. They successfully landed a few crappie and were eager to pose for pictures back in the pontoon boat. They also did some tricks in the tube and thought that was super cool. I was biting my nails as I watched them (still so little in my eyes) being dragged behind the boat. They are all alive and well and giving me a run for my money. Jacob is back in school now and we're anticipating hunting season and Thanksgiving with family. Joshua is excited about this year's hunting season because Dad has agreed to let him sit in the stand with him. Let me tell you that when you're 4 that's about as cool as it's gonna get!