Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How I spend my days...

waiting for hunting season.
Next month we'll be making our annual drive over to Louisiana for hunting and family feasting. I'm excited to show off the new addition and to see our beloved family. I am also really excited to see our five year old sit in the stand with Dad and hopefully see his first deer being harvested. He is very excited to go this year. He also can't wait to wear his new boots and all the cool camo he's picked up. The little one, Joshua, will be back at camp and I'm sure he'll have lots of fun hanging with his cousins. Me? I am already contemplating which stand I will sit in and where I imagine that big buck will walk out. It's MY year, or so I hope!

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SimplyOutdoors said...

I've been spending many evenings doing the same thing you're doing in the picture. It is great when they are so young and snuggly.

Good luck hunting--when it gets here.