Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Negative Comment

I knew it would happen eventually... I got my first negative comment today on this blog. There's a tiny little thing called a "delete" key and that is what happened to the comment. I just wanted to give the poster a shout out and let him/her know that I got the comment and yes, we really do live in different worlds. I love my world! It's a nice world at that! I couldn't be happier in it and I assure you that the animals harvested by me and my family are also harvested by millions of Americans every year. I guess my question for you is, why read hunting blogs if you're against it? Nothing better to do with your time? I'm going with a NO on that one.

1 comment:

Tom Sorenson said...

No need to pay attention to those negative comments - I reckon yo'ure right...a person spending time on a blog they obviously aren't going to agree with - go find something better to do with your time, people!

Keep up the good work. Hope you're having a good season (if you're able to get out with the new baby! - If not...well, those are special times that will never happen twice, so I reckon we ought to cherish them while we can)