Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting things ready, Knee Surgeries and Stuff.

My brother in law went over to "The Place" this weekend and did some bush hogging and some mowing around camp. It was nice to hear that everyone is getting excited for hunting season. Kevin is probably going to go over prior to the season and get some food plots planted around the stands. That usually consists of a guy's weekend and I'm sure there's more going on then planting food plots. Ahem.

My Father in Law had a knee replacement this past week and is over in Louisiana at St. Francis. He's not doing too great. He caught pnemonia and shingles post surgery and had his stay extended another week. He's still doing physical therapy while trying to recuperate from the other two illnesses as well. His pain is also real severe. I hope he's back on his feet for hunting season. We all prayed that this would better his life and his enjoyment of life. So, keep him in your thoughts and prayers! He's the patriarch of our family and loves to hunt, fish and spend time outdoors. I want that for him this season.

The kids are pumped up about the season. Jacob is ready for his second season to actually hunt with us. Joshua is anticipating his first real hunt where he's really hoping we'll harvest a deer with him in the stand. We've been prepping him that he has to whisper and talk soft. He's our mischievious, loud one so it will be interesting. He's intense about things and hunting is one of those things so I think he'll do good. So, I'm looking forward to another season and watching my boys grow up hunting is the cherry on my sundae!

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SimplyOutdoors said...

I hope the Father-in-Law recovers in time to get some hunting in. And you'd be surprised by the power of hunting; it just might make your rambunctious one settle down.

Good luck to and yours this season.