Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jacob's First Hunter's Extravaganza

Every year Houston has a huge Hunter's Extravaganza at the convention center. Jacob has gone every year starting in 2003 (see pictures). He loves to go and get up in the stands and look at all the taxidermy that surrounds the center. He drew a lot of attention his first show when he was only two months old and such a little guy. The amazing thing is he still draws attention at the shows because he's so enthusiastic and always goes dressed in his best camo. I always enjoy watching the big burly guys come up to us and ask us questions about the kids. They are really enthusiastic about the family being involved and how much the boys enjoy the surroundings of the show. It makes me proud to have two boys that are already enjoying the sport, even if they haven't gotten to harvest anything yet. Their time is coming! They grow too fast.

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Very cool. Makes me want kids so bad.