Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Place (Our Property)

We have 667 acres right outside of Delhi Louisiana that we hunt on. It is family owned property owned by two brothers, my father in law and uncle in law. The property was originally used for farm land and timber. The land was taken out of farm land right about the time I met my husband and put into the CRP program. The deer were unmanaged up until that time and there were no rules against hunters harvesting specific deer. Changes were made and we've seen great changes in the quality of deer we see on the property. My FIL suggested we stop shooting all the bucks and go to the rule of only shooting 8 points or higher with horns outside the ears or better. We let most bucks walk for about three years and it really paid off. We started harvesting more doe in different age classes to manage the buck to doe ratio as well. We planted food plots and added more box stands throughout the property to hunt. We've added two protein feeders in areas that aren't hunted much with little pressure. The quality of deer has really catapulted and gotten everyone excited.

I'll post some pictures of the property sometime so you can see the beauty that I get to enjoy. We have a bayou on one side that makes for nice scenery. We also have a natural slough on our place that brings in wood ducks. They also dug out a duck hole a couple years back that they dam up during duck season. We have really good hunting on this place and the best part is it's essentially "free" for us as a family because it is family owned. We pay for gas from Texas and that's about it. We stay at an old house in Delhi that was owned by the Grandparents of my husband. The family decided to keep it after they passed for a deer camp. It's located in town about 7 miles from the property, but it's got all the amenities of home. We hope to put a camp down on "The Place" one day. Our dream is a log home that we can enjoy and treasure during hunting season. For now we are enjoying what we have and we're blessed to share it together as a family.

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