Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Life has been hectic with the new baby and other two littles. Kevin recently changed jobs and he's been working late and trying to adjust to the transition over to another firm. Life is just busy, busy, busy. We're all doing great though and the kids are growing like weeds. If you ever want to follow me in the non-hunting mode feel free to stop over at my family blog at I'd love to see you over there too. In the mean time, here are a few recent pics of the kiddos. How is everyone?? How'd your hunting season go??
Oh and my second favorite hobby is collecting huge bows and dressing my daughter up... see picture. My husband is appalled. What does he know anyway?


Marian Love Phillips said...

She is so precious with her bows...guys don't know about stuff like that! Your sons are really getting big. Thanks for sharing their photos.

My hunting season was terrible. You have to read about it on my deer! Saw deer...but did take some good shots with my camera of a yearling suckling and a bobcat. Was really nice..both pics were taken in the Delta at Rex's Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club.
We were just up to his camp last weekend for a hog hunt. That was a blast...harvested 6 hogs. My husband and I hunted togther and I saw it coming but could not get the big fat pig in my sites and Bob took a shot at it and missed. Maybe next time. Take care and will go over and check out your busybody blog! :)

rachel said...

Hi !!
I wanted to tell you I love your Blog... I have followed it a bit.
Your family is so beautiful!!
I want to introduce myself, my name is rachel and Im new to the "2nd blog thing". I have had a blog of my fam..but I was inspired by other moms like you to do a second blog of my true passion..HUNTING and the outdoors. I promised myself I would send messages to some of you ladies to introduce myself.
I would love for you to come follow my blog.
I love your blog..thanks for sharing!
Here is my link to my new Hunting site..and then on that site is a link to my family one if you would like to peak. :)
A Washington Hunter Girl's Blog is the title...

NikiRoo said...

Hello Aimee,
My name is Niki. I'm another lady deer hunter (a bit older than you...). You have a great blog! If you'd like to do more writing, check out Squidoo! I've written my hunting stories there & have added a link to feature your blog. If you'd like to check out my squidoo group for women hunters, please do. And consider adding a link to me from your site as well. If this is an intrusion, feel free to delete it. Thanks - I hope you won't consider me rude. There are only 2 sites - yours & Marian Love Phillips, that I've found on the web. I've contacted her too. But surely there are more of us female hunters out there!!
All the best to you, & happy hunting!
P.S. Here are links to my lenses on Squidoo:
"True Confessions of a Woman Deer Hunter"
"More Stories From a Woman Deer Hunter"
"Venison Haters Will Love YOUR Venison"