Thursday, May 28, 2009

How goes it?

How are all the hunters doing? Life has been chaos over in my neck of the woods. I was reflecting this week on how soon hunting season will be here. I can't wait! This year I won't be sporting a pregnant belly nor will I be worried about nursing an infant. My baby girl will be over a year old this hunting season and I'm sure I can con Grandma or Grandpa into babysitting for some hunts this year. I'm actually looking forward to it very much!

My boys are growing by leaps and bounds. Joshua, my almost four year old, has matured greatly just in the last six months. He has a great imagination and pretends he's sitting on a boat during the day while he's fishing. What that means is he's sitting on our sofa imagining he's fishing from it and pretending a hammer is his rod while the sofa is his boat. He also pretends he's camping and hunting quite a bit. He's really excited about going over to "The Louisiana" this year. They actually call our hunting property "The Louisiana" which cracks us both up.

Jacob, my almost six year old, is really excited about the upcoming season. He has all these scenerios in his head about this season and I hope we can fullfill his dreams of a great season. He really wants to see one of us harvest a buck. He's not the only one as I think it's about time I harvest something other than a cowhorned spike. Momma is way over due for a buck. I think Kevin would pee his pants if I got a buck. He's proud of me because I hunt, but I think he'd be even more proud if he could brag to his buddies about his wife that bagged a buck. So, we'll see what I can do about that.

All in all this past year has been chaotic, but also one of the most exciting and treasured years of my life. I added a sweet baby girl to our family and she has been such a blessing to us all. She's still such an easy addition and I can't brag or tell you enough how wonderful being a Mom to three kids is. It's just awesome!

I have dreams that one day we'll all hunt together and be a family unit that all loves the outdoors. I'm so glad that we get to instill some family traditions into our children and that they enjoy all of the activities we share with them as much or more than we do ourselves. It's really cool to see our children growing up loved and having so much fun. It keeps us both young and makes us so proud of our little ones and I can't imagine what life would be like without them in it to share it all with. There's just something about seeing your son watch as a herd of deer step out from the tree line and walk towards your stand. You might not even harvest one of them, but the excitement to see something so beautiful and natural is just awesome in his eyes. What a treat to experience everything through the eyes of the young!

I look forward to this season and building more family memories together. The deer camp is always a fun place to hang out and go to get away from the stress of every day life in the city. We sure can' t wait for some rest and relaxation this year and I know the kids look forward to it too!

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SimplyOutdoors said...

Wow, welcome back. It's been awhile.

I can totally relate to what you're going through, except I only have one kid - a 7 month old - but I can't wait to show her the ropes of the outdoors, and for her to be interested in all the outdoors can hold.

I think my wife is ready to get some hunting in this year as well, since all last year she was pregnant and/or taking care of the little one.